Why do your customers choose you, over your competitors? If you were to poll your customers on what is important to them when choosing a wholesale distributor, their answers will most likely boil down to three main priorities. They want service that is fast, reliable, and secure. This trifecta of customer satisfaction can be achieved through a B2B Self Service Portal.

Fast Service

 Readily available information, provided by a B2B Portal, can streamline your entire business, making you faster and more efficient. If a customer wants information about your inventory availability, a B2B Self Service Portal can provide that in real-time. By interfacing with your ERP, the Portal is always up-to-date, and able to provide accurate information regarding inventory availability, order status, account information, etc. Essentially, your products and services are available to your customers, at any time, from anywhere. Not only is this a valuable resource for your customers, but it also benefits your salespeople in the field. With the B2B Portal, your salesperson has instant access to your current inventory status. That means no more calling the warehouse to see what is actually in stock, or promising something you can’t deliver.


Reliable Information

          Your customers need to know that they can rely on the accuracy of your information. No matter what you promise, the only thing that matters is what you actually deliver. As humans, we make mistakes. Unfortunately, it only takes a couple of mistakes for that customer to decide to take their business elsewhere. A B2B Portal greatly reduces errors by interfacing with your ERP. If your Portal shows that you have 100 of a particular item in stock, your customer can rely on that fact. Real-time data eliminates the possibility of three different customers trying to order the same 100 items at the same time. In addition, any business rules that are maintained in the ERP are automatically applied to any Portal transactions. You and your customers can rest assured that any changes or updates are current and accurate. With a B2B Portal, your customers have a reliable representation of what your business has to offer.


Secure Acess

          What your customer purchases, and what price they pay, is no one else’s business.A B2B Portal offers secure access to the above mentioned tools.  With password protection, account expiration rules, and encryption options for password and credit card information, your customer knows that you value their privacy and security. These features also ensure that only the people you want to have access to your information, will.


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3 Reasons A B2B Self Service Portal Is Essential To Your Business