User-Defined Allocation Rules and Hierarchies

Customer Shelf Life Rules

Multiple Order Types Supported

  • Wave Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Transfer Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Counter/Showroom Orders through Interface to Business or ERP System

Pick Manager or Self-Managed Concept

  • Directed Picking Using DLD
  • Assign Individuals or Picking Teams to Electronic Picks
  • Automatically Prioritizes Picks
  • May Assign Special Equipment Requirements to Individual Picks
  • May Re-Assign Shipping Method Based on Warehouse Policies
  • Serves as Communication Channel Between Customer Service and Warehouse

Consolidated Pick Selection for Efficient Picking

  • Take a Single Warehouse Tour and Complete Multiple Order Requirements

Warehouse Area Picks

  • Create Multiple Electronic Picks from a Single Host Order, Based on Specialized Product Lines, Picking Requirements, or Facility Design

Manager Review Feature for Short Picks

  • Design Picking Policies for Customers, Items, or Warehouse Staff

Electronic Picks or Item Label Picking

  • Bar Code Technology in the Warehouse, Even When Individual Inventory Is Not Labeled

Refresh Pick Allocation

  • Dynamic Pick Allocation for Orders While Receiving is Taking Place

Pick Round-A-Bout

  • Avoid Warehouse Traffic Jams when Concurrent Activities are Taking Place Within a Single Location

Directed Picks as well as Directed Staging Locations for Completed Picks

Complete Order and Item Messaging Supported from ERP System

  • Communication Between the Office and Warehouse via e-Picks

Order Status Updates as Picking Cycle Progresses on Warehouse Floor

  • Assigned
  • Started
  • Parked
  • Completed
  • Boxed
  • Shipped

Special Order Designation for Easy Identification of Special Customer Orders

Parking Function Available for Picks

  • Allows for Interruptions so Alternate Tasks May Be Performed

Intelligent Staging Features

  • Directed to Proper Staging Location Based On Shipper
  • Join Picks with Existing Picks Already Staged
  • Auto-Stage Feature

Real-Time Exception Reports for Management Review

  • Over Picking
  • Under Picking
  • Picking from Non-Directed Location
  • Can Require Ship Manager Approval Prior to Final Shipment

Intelligent Unpick Technology for Changed or Cancelled Orders Already Staged

  • Host Interface Point
  • Directed Putback for Items and Quantities Removed from Order
  • Directed Picking for Items and Quantities Added to Order
  • Unpicked Items Remain Reserved Until Used or Re-Shelved, Keeping Allocation Intact