DPS Dashboard is a web-based display application containing an easy-to-view, visually appealing set of information points that allow you to measure the critical metrics of your operations – in real time!

DPS Dashboard Features

  • Access financial statements from the web anytime, anywhere, with Excel download & PDF capabilities.
  • KPIs provide a graphical view of key areas of your business at a glance.
  • Get a quick pulse reading of your company using the EBI (Executive Business Inquiry).
  • Easily retrieve, download and analyze data from the most prevalent ERP files using the data exporter.
  • Includes DPS Web Financial Statements, a web-based application within the DPS Dashboard for generating professional-looking balance sheets and operating statements that can be saved in Excel or as a PDF.

Typical DPS Dashboard Screen

DPS Dashboard can be accessed from PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The dashboard is secure and configurable – with user defined benchmarks and reporting options.

Running Requirements

To get ready to install and run DPS Dashboard, you need:

  • Application Server Software (e.g., Websphere Express, IBMi LWI, or Apache Tomcat)
  • DPS Extend Web Mobility platform
  • External facing IP address if access from outside your internal network is desired
  • Any modern web browser

If you have any questions about DPS Dashboard or are interested in a free consultation, please reach out to our team!