DPS Flash eCommerce

DPS Flash eCommerce

Expand your markets while improving customer satisfaction. Leverage secure, mobile devices to deliver real-time data to both your sales reps and customers.

Extend ERP

DPS Extend ERP

DPS Extend ERP is an easy-to-use system that helps you run your distributorship more effectively and profitably.



Streamline your warehouse operations while simultaneously saving workers’ time, eliminate many manual warehouse and office tasks, and reduce transaction and shipping errors.

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Announcing Flash 8 eCommerce

When today’s customer has so many options for ordering - storefront, phone, fax, and eCommerce - it's important to have a presence on all those channels. If your customers lose out on the convenience of ordering whenever and wherever, you lose out on revenue...

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What Clients Are Saying:

"We wanted our customers to go to a single location to enter a variety of transactions on their own schedule. Now we have the single portal to support consignment orders, billing requests, returns and consignment inventory tracking. With the type-ahead and drop-down selection features, the DPS Flash portal has also been great for internal use."

Ellen Gnan Operations Manager, Precision Lens

"The DPS PocketFlash (mobile/handheld) solution provides us the ability to take all of our product information to the customer. Using PocketFlash we have found far fewer errors and are better able to service our customers. Our sales reps find they've been able to increase sales."

William Cash, Jr. Managing Director, Lowe's Wholesale Drug Agencies