“We take care of your applications so you can take care of business.”

In today’s hectic distribution market, you not only have to deal with the day-to-day issues of special delivery requirements and inventory management, you also have to face the constant threat of competition and losing your place in the supply chain through disintermediation. So how do you manage all the data related to your business while still taking care of customers and maintaining a competitive advantage?

Rely on a proven partner to host your software applications as your Application Service Provider (ASP). Trust DPS SureSource.

Through our DPS SureSource services, DPS will serve as your ASP. Instead of buying software applications, DPS will host them for you for a monthly fee.

We’ll take care of all the technology issues surrounding your business so you’re able to focus on accelerating the growth of your distributorship without sacrificing customer service.

Whether you choose DPS Extend™ or third-party software, we can host your applications on our  IBM POWER / iSeries (i OS) system — the most secure, reliable, and scalable system available in the midrange marketplace. Only a mainframe computer experiences less unscheduled downtime than an iSeries.

Features and benefits of DPS SureSource:

No maintenance We take care of the day-to-day maintenance of your applications.
Customized solutions We’ll customize a service agreement that works for you.
Greater flexibility You have the advantage of being on the latest hardware and most recent application release at all times.
No surprises You know exactly what your monthly cost for service will be, which can result in greater convenience and sometimes tax savings.
Significant overhead savings There’s no need for you to employ an IT staff to take care of software and system maintenance. As your host, we take care of everything for you.
Best of breed hardware You can take advantage of our advanced hardware, which runs applications more quickly and smoothly without having to make the investment yourself.
Experienced staff Serving our customers since 1972, our certified staff leads the industry in providing quality system maintenance and customer service.
You can stay focused We take care of all the behind-the-scenes technology issues so you can concentrate on the critical aspects of your business.