precision_logo Increased accuracy of ordering and consignment inventory tracking via single Internet portal

“We wanted our customers to go to a single location to enter a variety of transactions on their own schedule. Now we have the single portal to support consignment orders, billing requests, returns, and consignment inventory tracking. And with the type-ahead and drop-down selection features, the DPS Flash portal has also been great for internal use.”

Ellen Gnan – Operations Manager, Precision Lens

DPS Extend ERP improving chemical and fertilizer distributorship since 1999

DPS Extend suits every department in our business. It has simplified procedures and has improved productivity. It has helped us to provide more dependable and faster service for our customers. We recommend DPS for their reliable system and solid service and support.”

Jay Roberts – IT/Office Manager, Eastchem NL Inc.

testimonials-duncan We confidently recommend DPS for their comprehensive, flexible, and reliable warehouse system

“With DPS Zap WMS we have seen increased inventory control, been able to shave down inventory losses, and reduce shrinkage. Zap has also lowered labour costs and reduced errors…As a result of using Zap WMS, we’ve been able to improve customer service and believe it’s led to an improved bottom line.”

William Cash Jr., Managing Director, Lowe’s Wholesale Drug Agencies

fjw Mobile sales rep application eliminates order errors and minimizes calls to the order desk

DPS PocketFlash has allowed the sales team to access information that the price book can’t offer, such as daily stock status and price changes. The number of unknown items on orders has been reduced or eliminated and the acknowledgement of transmitted orders has also helped to reduce calls to the order desk. Minimum shipments are being met because the salesperson has a better idea of the size of the order and the knowledge of inventory status has allowed substitution of flavors or like products.”

Donna Wadden – IT Consultant and Project Leader, F.J. Wadden & Sons

testimonials-duncan We have complete inventory management

“DPS is a great asset for anybody who is in distribution.”

Christopher Duncan Hendricks, MID – President/CEO, Duncan Supply Company, Inc.

Release 8 upgrade went smoothly and did not require much of our time

“We recently went live with DPS Extend Release 8 and found the upgrade went very smoothly. The DPS project team provided everything necessary to make it a comfortable process, and it really did not involve much of our time. DPS insured that software modifications were tested and working well before installing it on our system. This meant very little testing for us. Our staff has quickly adapted to DPS Extend Release 8 and we’re looking forward to using the many time-saving features of the new release.”

Daphne Fry – General Manager, Carol-Wabush Distributing Co. Ltd.

testimonials-lowes Significant sales increase due to improved customer service

“The DPS PocketFlash solution provides us the ability to take all of our product information to the customer. Using PocketFlash, we have found far fewer errors and are better able to service our customers. Our sales reps find they’ve been able to increase sales.”

William Cash, Jr. – Managing Director, Lowe’s Wholesale Drug Agencies

CFL-logo222  DPS Zap Warehouse Management System increases accuracy and productivity

“In order to improve our distribution centre and the handling of inventory, we decided to implement the DPS Zap Warehouse Management System (WMS) using wireless hand-helds and bar coding. After only the first 9 months, we saw a dramatic improvement in workflow, increased accuracy, and productivity gains. Notably, we’ve found 50% fewer stock adjustments due to errors or pilferage… We believe DPS Zap provides us better management control, streamlines daily processes, and has helped to increase our bottom line financial results.”

Rose Marie Etienne – Finance Manager (Warehouse and Distributions), Consolidated Foods

DPS Extend ERP improves our bottom line

“We’ve found the DPS Extend solution provides the tools we need to improve service levels, and to increase inventory control, without adding staff or hours worked. Along with using Extend’s management features, its information visibility, and almost endless reporting and analysis, we’ve been able to increase our bottom line financial results by at least 3% per year. Installing the DPS system has proven time and time again to be a good business decision. Whenever there have been challenges, DPS has always stepped up and provided the support we needed to quickly resolve any issues. We recommend DPS to any distribution company needing a flexible and reliable business system, supported by professional and helpful people.”

Melvin Goulding – CEO, Gouldings Wholesale Ltd.

fjw DPS Flash eCommerce provides customer-specific, real-time information

“Every customer is different in their needs but all seem to want to know the current stock on hand. With the integrated approach of DPS Extend ERP to DPS Flash eCommerce, as soon as we receive product into the warehouse, it is available for the customer to order. We also feel that it’s very important that customers see their particular prices, contracts, etc., as well as have easy access to their account information, automatic stock availability, etc., in real-time. We have to receive the majority of our orders electronically, either through the DPS Flash (eCommerce) or the DPS PocketFlash (mobile sales) solutions, which saves time for the field sales force and reduces the need for a larger inside sales staff.”

Donna Wadden – IT Consultant and Project Leader, F. J. Wadden & Sons