Complete and Secure Menu System

  • Rich Client Java-based Graphical Menu Interface as well as traditional iSeries Application Menus
  • Customized to Individual User Responsibilities
  • Company Bulletin Board to Broadcast Internal Activities and Information

User-Maintainable, Online Help Documentation

  • DPS Chat Room for Personalized Help Desk Support

Universal Print Director

  • Customized, User-level Routing for Application Documents

Profile Keepers

FastPath Navigator

FastDefine Fields

Multiple Company, Division, Region, and Branch Support

International Database Support

  • Extensive International Addressing and Phone Number Support
  • Nationality Flag — US and Canada
  • Foreign Currency Processing in Purchasing and Accounts Payable, integrated to General Ledger

Specialized Industry Support

  • Catch Weight Processing
  • Decimal Entry for Partial On Hand Quantities
  • Country of Origin Tracking

Information Popup/Retrieval Windows Throughout

Specialized Report Writers with Interface to Favorite Spreadsheet Programs

Completely Integrated Distribution and Financial Management Modules

Powerful Inquiry Subsystem with Intelligent Inquiries Throughout

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