beforeEvery organization has its own way of doing things. Often, homegrown systems arise out of necessity. Even though these cobbled-together solutions are commonly not very efficient and sometimes break down, they can become “the way it’s always been.”

There’s a better way.

DPS Seed, our solution specifically targeted to meet the unique needs and challenges of the seed distribution industry, is a major step up from your current homegrown system. Here’s why:

Save Time. Homegrown systems need constant propping up to keep them going, and when they break, it’s a major headache that hurts your business. Imagine all the time you could save with a professionally-designed, more stable platform that stays up-to-date by itself.

afterReduce Paperwork. Not only does DPS Seed store your customers’ account information and track the location of inventory in real time, its eCommerce capabilities provide you with rich analytics on your customers, giving you insight into their habits and expectations so you can better serve them.

Increase Productivity. Gone are the days of manually searching through your warehouse for missing inventory. Thanks to DPS Seed’s barcoded lot tracking capabilities, there’s a place for everything, and everything will be in its place.

Simplify Transactions. With DPS Seed’s secure mobile portal, your sales reps can see inventory levels without calling office personnel and asking them to do a manual count. Also, directed scanning for picking and receiving inventory streamlines the processing time for shipments.

If you have any questions or are interested in a free consultation, please reach out to our team.

DPS Seed: The System Upgrade You Need