DPS Flash B2B secure portal focuses on three audiences.

Configure guest experiences for customer buyers, your own sales and customer service reps, and your eBusiness Site Administrator. Tailor access to features and authorizations through user group profile options.

By starting your B2B portal eBusiness implementation with a solution that includes the server database component, backend transaction and data synchronization interface logic, and configurable HTML templates, your project team can focus on tailoring the look and feel of the web site. Since DPS Flash uses the backend business logic for pricing, shipping charges, and taxation, you need not maintain business rules on two systems.

User Experience 1: Customer Buyer — Online Access

This flow may be business-to-consumer (which does not require logon until the checkout process) or business-to-business (which requires logon before allowing site access). B2C supports real-time account creation. The same catalog and shopping features are available to both B2C and B2B. Pricing is controlled by the business logic of the backend ERP application.

User Experience 2: Salesperson Access

In addition to Buyer user types on the Flash site, DPS Flash supports access by Salesperson or by Customer Support Reps (CSR). The Sales Rep logon will present a list of customer accounts assigned to that Rep.

This feature is provided to allow the Sales Rep to select a customer and check inventory, order status, or to place orders on behalf of that customer. An Accounts Receivable Inquiry is also available to Sales Reps. The CSR flow has the same features as those available to the Sales Rep User but allows access to all customers authorized on the DPS Flash site.

User Experience 3: Site Administrator Access

Ease of maintaining the site data, catalog hierarchies, and data synchronization can be a critical factor in presenting a dynamic, successful site. To that end, all administrator functions are accessed via the browser. Powerful data import options simplify the creation of product relationships and specials. And the Site Activity and Trends feature makes it easier to analyze site traffic and sales statistics.

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