Untitled-1DPS Seed is a solution specifically targeted to meet the unique needs and challenges of the seed distribution industry.

DPS Seed Process Advantages

DPS Seed handles the full scope of seed distributor operations including enterprise resource planning (ERP), eCommerce, warehouse management, radio frequency (RF) barcoding, as well as the IT infrastructure to support the solution. DPS Seed is a comprehensive solution for seed distributors, in operation right now.

How is DPS Seed different?

DPS Seed handles parameters such as:

  • Seed type
  • Trait code
  • Seed count
  • Patent number
  • And more

A client of DPS, Merschman Seeds, saw vast improvements in efficiency and customer service after implementing DPS’s Seed solution. Learn more about how the company moved from inefficiency to competitive advantage here >>

If interested, contact DPS now to learn more about DPS Seed and how this solution can be implemented to improve your seed distribution business and help your customers.