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What is it costing you to do nothing? While your homegrown ERP might work, it leaves you open to a number of risks and challenges.  Ask yourself: How would it benefit me the long run to upgrade my ERP system? What if my IT director leaves the company or the programmer who wrote the application retires? The answers to these questions may not be very pleasant.

Technology moves quickly, and your homegrown system could have been made in a program or code that is no longer taught today; so you may have a hard time filling these positions with younger professionals. By using a system that only a small number of people know and understand, you are limiting innovation and possibly stunting your own growth. You may never be able to take advantage of thought leaders or consultants with your homegrown ERP system or develop capabilities at the rate of your competitors and the rest of your industry.

 So here are a few things to ponder:

What will you do about the areas of the system that were coded by people who left the company years ago? If you rewrite them will they ever work the right way? Will anyone be brave enough to try and rewrite them? If you attack the project and it fails, you have just set the company WAY back in terms of productivity and could have really compromised your business. If you find yourself in this pickle, it may just be time to leave that homegrown system behind and move on to a system like DPS Extend.

 DPS Extend ERP is the web-enabled system that helps you run every area of your distributorship more efficiently and profitably. It provides core applications such as: Purchasing…receiving…inventory management…customer service…shipping…billing… accounts receivables…sales analysis…integrated accounting applications. Integration points for EDI…Internet/Intranet applications, and other third party applications and databases to provide a close link to your customers and vendors.

 If you’re ready to embrace an industry expert with 40+ years of experience, look no further than DPS. Find out what “The Cost of Doing Nothing” is really worth.

The Cost of Doing Nothing – It’s Time To Leave Your Homegrown ERP
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