Because everyone else is doing it! While this answer may seem flippant, it is really quite accurate. Your competitors are going mobile – that’s a fact. Through the years, technology has made incredible, overwhelming strides. So, too, have the wholesale distributors that choose to take advantage of all the exciting developments. Because so many companies are now able to offer better, faster, more reliable services, consumers have come to expect just that. If you haven’t considered implementing mobility options, now is the time!

Where is your cell phone right now? Is it within arm’s reach? Is it what you’re looking at right now? How long do you go through the day without using a mobile device? Being Mobile has become incredibly important in our daily lives. We can make phone calls, send texts, check email, read blogs, look up facts, etc., etc. Mobile devices are our gateways to immediate information. It makes sense, then, that people are beginning to expect mobility in every aspect of their lives, including the services your business provides.

As a wholesale distributor, you may be wondering: “How am I supposed to go Mobile?” It is important to remember that the term “Mobile” has many different potential applications. Yes, the common idea is a mobile phone or computer, but the benefits mobility can offer wholesale distribution businesses are endless.

  • Warehouse supervisors are able to solve problems from anywhere, without being tethered to a stationary computer.
  • Warehouse workers are able to pick orders in the most efficient, error free way possible.
  • Sales reps are able to answer questions on the fly, without having to go back to the office or call the warehouse to check information first.
  • Customers have access to your inventory, at any time, from anywhere. This means that even when you’re not on the clock, you’re still in business.

Mobility has become an essential practice in the world of wholesale distribution, as well as business in general. Your customers expect you to provide your services in a fast, reliable, convenient, and efficient way. Speed up your process, eliminate human error, offer untethered access, and make life easier. It’s time to Go Mobile!

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Why Should You Go Mobile?
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