Supplier Purchase Order Receipts

ASN Receiving

Work Orders (Outside Processing)

RMA (Return Material Authorizations)

Transfer Receipts (Inter-Warehouse Inventory Transfers)

Miscellaneous (Unexpected) Receipts

  • Pre-approved
  • Unapproved

Flexible Labeling Options

  • Pre-Printed, Sent to Supplier with PO
  • Pre-Printed, Awaiting Dock Receipt
  • On Demand During Receipt Check-in
  • Accept External (Supplier) Labels

Barcoded Receiver Document to Facilitate Check-in

Intelligent Check-In Process

  • Directed Put-Away with Dynamic Location Determination (DLD)/Slotting Configurations
  • Optional Hash Totals Validation
  • Location Capacity Checking
  • Validation to Supplier Paperwork
  • Real Time Exception Putaway Audit, Available for Management Review

Seamless Receiving of Items Shipped by Single Supplier

  • Alternate PO Selection
  • Automatic Distribution to Multiple Purchase Orders

Cross-Docking and Slotting

Special Order Indication for Handling of Non-Stock and Special Orders

Parking Function Available during Putaway

  • Allows for Interruptions so Alternate Tasks May Be Performed

Expedient Putaway Options

  • One Target Location
  • Special Directed Locations Based on Receipt Rules
  • Individual Directed Item Locations

PO to AP Audit Trail Provided to Host System

Extensive Resolution Process Linked to Host System