Tighten Inventory Control and Accuracy. DPS Seed ensures the product gets into the correct bin by tracking bin number and variety. Tracking by finished product seed/lot from production makes it easier to know who got what lot and where it came from. Incoming seed has label tags with your item number, hybrid, and weight & lot number.

Reduce Expired Inventory Write-off. Expiration date information is stored in the DPS Seed system with a flag to not allow seed to be ordered that is out of season or has an expired date.

Reduce Paperwork. DPS Seed significantly reduces the need for paperwork. Production work orders are entered in the system and can be picked and shipped without sending notes from office to warehouse. Customer orders, work orders, and purchase orders can be assigned to handheld devices for picking/receiving directly, virtually eliminating the need for printed documents. Physical inventory is performed via the scanner, leaving the Variance Report as the only required report. Additionally, customers can do their own ordering via the eCommerce portion of the solution, reducing the need for customer service personnel or sales reps to enter the order from fax, printed order forms, or email. This saves paper as well as time and reduces the potential for error.

Reduce Transaction Time. Directed scanning for picking and receiving reduces the time a user has to think where to place product or where inventory lives.

Increase Productivity. Sales reps are able to access – on demand via a secure web portal – items and account information for their customers, day and night. With lot tracking and tracked locations, items can be found in the warehouse without having to ask other users where a product was placed. This capability is also mobile-enabled and real-time, making the slow, manual effort of physically checking inventory levels a thing of the past.

Provide Real Time Communication with Customer Service/Office Personnel. eCommerce orders can be placed on hold for review from the DPS Flash eCommerce site, making it easier for the office to verify a tech agreement is on file for customer. By having item inquiry, knowing where and how much product is available in the warehouse for selling can be seen immediately upon inventory movement. In addition, the DPS eCommerce portion of the solution allows sales reps on their mobile devices to check on orders, again without having to call in to the office. The sales reps can see when an order is in a pick status as well as knowing when the order has been shipped.

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