Complete and Secure Menu System

  • Customized to Individual User Responsibilities

Profile Keepers

  • Reduce Keystrokes on Scanner Devices via Use of User Profiles

Multiple Company, Multiple Warehouse Support

Support of Virtual Warehouses

Item Types Supported

  • Regular Stocking Items
  • Non-Inventoried Items Frequently Ordered
  • Non-Stock Items
  • Kits
  • Lot Tracked Items with Expiration Date Tracking
  • Serial Tracked Items with Expiration Date Tracking
  • Decimal Quantities


  • Share Workloads for Single Receipt or Single Pick Among Multiple Workers

License Plating

Choice of Single Item per Location or Multiple Items per Location

  • Reduce Required Scans via Location Profiles

Location Blocking

  • Prevent Transactions from Occurring Within Locations

Warehouse Carrier Concept Allows Continuous Inventory Tracking

  • Never Lose Visibility of Inventory
  • Supports Reusable and Non-Reusable Carrier Types

Parking of Carriers and Transactions Allows Flexibility on Floor

  • Allows for Interruptions so Alternate Tasks May Be Initiated

Physical Counts Concurrent with Other Warehouse Activity

DPS Zap Optimizes

  • Warehouse Space Utilization
  • Material Putaway
  • Picking Routes
  • Prime Picking Locations/Strike Zones and Prime Picking Items
  • Inventory Allocation and Re-Allocation
  • Results in Higher Worker Productivity and Efficiencies

Extensive Reporting Database

Online Inquiry Functions Available to Warehouse Workers