DPS Zap™: Integrated RF Warehouse Management Solution.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could streamline your warehouse operations while saving workers’ time, eliminating many manual tasks, and reducing transaction and shipping errors?

The answer is DPS Zap – a barcode solution that streamlines every aspect of your warehouse operation, reducing many of the costs associated with warehousing. DPS Zap provides real-time tools for tracking warehouse activities such as prioritizing workloads and productivity reports. It also integrates seamlessly with DPS Extend, the web-enabled distribution management and ERP system, equipping your distribution business for greater productivity and profitability.

DPS Zap helps you manage your warehouse more effectively by optimizing space utilization,
speeding up product movement and reducing the labor costs associated with product handling. As an electronic system, DPS Zap significantly reduces paperwork and errors. The system is modular and intuitive, making it easy to learn, use, and implement.


The Features of DPS Zap

The Benefits of DPS Zap

  • Reduced Labor Costs – DPS Zap eliminates many traditional data entry functions so workloads can be shifted to more profitable activities.
  • Minimal Product Damage – By optimizing warehouse space, product is moved less frequently, reducing the margin for error.
  • Faster Product Movement – Using sophisticated barcoding and scanning technology, as well as product/location algorithms, DPS Zap makes it easier to track and change product locations, allowing for faster movement within your warehouse.
  • Less Paperwork – From the time inventory enters your warehouse until it leaves, products are tracked using barcodes and scanners, eliminating paperwork.
  • Reduced Transposition, Recording and Shipping Errors – An electronic system means there’s less opportunity for errors that can cost you in misdirected shipments and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Seamless Integration – DPS Zap was designed to integrate with your enterprise application, which simplifies the implementation process. Ask about standard interfaces.
  • Custom Labeling – You’re able to offer the added advantage of custom labels designed to your customers’ specifications.