A client of DPS, Merschman Seeds, saw vast improvements in efficiency and customer service after implementing DPS’s Seed application. Now, the company isn’t just efficient, they now operate in a way that they can market an innovative guarantee. They’ve moved from inefficiency to competitive advantage.

1. Merschman Seeds was able to have either their sales rep or their customers enter 25% of customers’ total yearly sales in their first 30 days of using the solution, via the Flash eCommerce portion of the solution.

2. Merschman Seeds has improved to 98% intellectual property licensing compliancy in one year.

3. Merschman Seeds, a midsize agricultural seed distributor, reduced their shipping errors for the year down to a single bag, achieving on the order of a Six Sigma level of accuracy.

4. The customer is now able to offer an official order guarantee, which promises a no substitutions order or the order is free, a benefit normally reserved for only the big players with the big companies.

5. Due to this improved level of service, Merschman Seeds has actually reacquired a number of customers that had previously left a few years earlier, gaining back over $100,000 in lost sales revenue. This doesn’t include new customers that will be acquired via their marketing of their innovative guarantee and not including other previous customers reestablishing a relationship with Merschman Seeds.

6. The mobile-enabled eCommerce platform is performing very well. This year with the full DPS solution in place and operating, 2014 revenue from eCommerce was over twenty times higher than 2013.

7. Merschman Seeds is also able to provide their customers a high level of customer self-care via the DPS Flash eCommerce portion of the solution. Currently, customers are able to place orders on their own through the eCommerce solution. Customer-processed ordering right now is approximately 45% of overall sales, with sales reps handling the other 55%.

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