Mobile computers for your warehouse workers should provide them with the tools and information needed to perform their job to the best of their ability. You want devices that are designed for the harsh environment of a warehouse – devices that can capture the data you need with the security you can count on. Motorola is an industry leader when it comes to devices for your warehouse.

“When you choose Motorola, you get the peace of mind that comes with choosing and industry leader with well-tested and well-proven solutions as your technology partner.” Motorola’s handheld solutions are rugged, ergonomic, and secure. You can set up a firewall, enforce authentication, and encrypt data on your handheld devices, thanks to the Motorola Mobile Security Suite. From the extremely industrial models to the smaller, lighter versions, a range of product options allows you to choose what is best for your particular warehouse. Not to mention, Motorola’s warranty plans cover normal wear and tear, accidental breakage, and accessories that were included. “No more unforeseen repair expenses to unexpectedly hit your budget.”

Motorola is certainly leading the pack when it comes to mobile warehouse solutions and services, and DPS is proud to be a Motorola partner.

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