These days, almost everyone has a smart phone, tablet, or some other type of mobile device. Many people will not leave the house without these devices, never wanting to be more than a tap away from the latest information. Recently, mobile devices have proven their worth in the work environment, bringing about the Bring Your Own Device Revolution.

What is BYOD?

  • Bring Your Own Device policies encourage employees to use their personal mobile devices for work purposes.
  • According to IBM 82% of businesses surveyed expect smartphones to play a critical role in business productivity within the next two years. Only 36 percent believed that laptops for employees were critical to productivity.

What are the benefits of implementing a BYOD Policy?

  • Employee provided devices save the company money
  • IBM and Apple have partnered to deliver enterprise iOS devices and applications
  • Increased Productivity
  • Employee Satisfaction

While the prospect of a BYOD policy is exciting, some companies have voiced concerns about corporate security. Giving an employee access to corporate information via the employee’s personal mobile device can be a worrying prospect. However, Android has announced that encrypted storage and virtual environments for businesses will be a part of the next operating system.  This will protect not only the business’s sensitive information, but will also give the employee control over what his/her boss can see. All in all, BYOD is a promising concept. Only time will tell how popular of an idea it becomes.


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The BYOD Revolution