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DPS Enables Competitive Advantage for Leading Seed Distributor


CARMEL, IN – September 2, 2014 – DPS, Inc., a leading software development, consulting, and services company for more than 40 years, is pleased to share the content of a recent interview with Joe Merschman, President & CEO of Merschman Seeds, Inc., a leading seed distributor in the US. We wanted to know Joe’s take on his experience with the DPS software products Merschman uses and how DPS software enabled Merschman to not just compete, but achieve competitive advantage in its industry.

Since implementing Flash, DPS’s eCommerce solution, Merschman has seen a huge improvement in order accuracy, which is key to success in the seed business. Because Merschman uses Flash, or as they like to call it, “Easy Order”, they are able to guarantee their inventory in real time. Joe states, “with DPS software, we reduced our shipping errors for the year down to a single bag.” Since Merschman handles hundreds of thousands of bags of seed per year, that amounts to an accuracy level of over 99.999995%, which is in the range of Six Sigma quality levels.

In addition to using DPS Flash as their Customer Self Service Portal, Merschman also employs the DPS Zap Warehouse Management Solution. Flash ties directly to Zap, providing a constant stream of precise information to both Merschman’s employees and customers. These two innovative pieces of software working together have made Merschman into a powerhouse of reliability. Joe says, “DPS makes us look different within an industry by allowing us to offer guarantees that normally are reserved for only the big players with the big companies.” Merschman is now able to use this official Order Guarantee, which promises a no substitutions order, or the order is free.


merschman guarantee


It’s clear that DPS software has made Merschman a champion of the seed industry. Along with a huge boost in customer service, Merschman’s internal processes have improved tremendously, as well. Listed are a few of the internal benefits Merschman Seeds have experienced:

  • Tracking on all the licenses to purchase the seed
  • Analysis of customers’ buying patterns, allowing for predictions
  • Ability to recognize an outgoing customer before it is too late
  • Management on sales and dealers throughout the lifecycle
  • Guaranteed delivery of correct product due to inventory accuracy

In summary, we asked Joe why Merschman Seeds, Inc. chooses to do business with DPS. Why not choose one of our competitors? Joe replied “After having an in house system, we looked at a lot of different systems and found DPS had great software with even better people to support it.”

 Located in Carmel, IN, DPS provides tested and proven technology to clients internationally — technology that works for wholesale distributors. As the developer, marketer, and implementer of the DPS Product Suite, DPS assures reliability and ROI without all the hassle of managing multiple vendors and non-compatible systems. The Product Suite for Wholesale Distribution includes complete distribution and financial management (ERP), web-based customer self-service, advanced warehouse management (WMS) with barcoding and wireless terminal/scanners, and mobile computing for sales reps and delivery drivers on the road.

DPS also offers a full complement of technology services and is on the forefront of hosting business applications through the DPS SureSource offering. DPS is also an IBM Business Partner and Certified eBusiness partner. Through the partnership with IBM, DPS can provide IBM Power Systems as well as virtualization and storage solutions. DPS is dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive and innovative systems available.

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DPS Enables Competitive Advantage for Leading Seed Distributor