DPS Extend™ ERP: the Comprehensive, Proven Distribution Management System.

Whether you distribute plumbing components, medical supplies, safety equipment, HVAC systems, or grocery/C-store items, you know the demands of being a distributor. You have to deliver traditional services while finding ways to add more value. Partnering best business practices with integrated technologies can position you to meet those demands. DPS Extend ERP is specifically designed to integrate with all the tools you may use to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

DPS Extend ERP is an easy-to-use system that helps you run your distributorship more effectively and profitably. DPS Extend ERP handles the functions of your business – from purchasing, receiving and inventory management to customer service, shipping and billing – and makes them work for your organization in an eBusiness environment. DPS Extend also supports EDI, Internet/Intranet applications and other third party applications and databases to provide a close link to your customers and vendors. From order entry to general ledger postings, DPS Extend functionality is integrated, web-enabled and seamlessly interfaced.

DPS Extend’s suite of applications includes:

Accounts Receivable Purchasing
Accounts Payable Inventory Control
Fixed Assets Inventory Management
General Ledger Work Order Management
Order Processing & Billing Service Management
Sales Analysis

Bringing Together Your Internal Teams…

  • Executive – Mobile-enabled real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) apps, reporting dashboards and financial statements. For further data insights in an easy-to-view, visually appealing way, consider DPS Dashboard!
  • Finance – A fully integrated financial package including general ledger, accounts receivable/payable and fixed assets.
  • Sales/Marketing – Tools to help you take greater advantage of sales and marketing opportunities.
  • Customer Service – An integrated system that helps you foresee delays and respond to customer needs.
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management – Integrated systems that help you monitor purchasing and inventory patterns.
  • Other – Purchasing Container, Service Warranty and Floor Plan modules.

Integrating With Your External Partners…

  • eBusiness – Web-based customer self-service.
  • Groupware – Communications updates happen seamlessly with the capability to fax and email documents and spreadsheets.
  • EDI – An integrated electronic data interchange alternative that helps streamline your business processes.
  • Data Warehousing – Providing snapshots of your data in a format you can use and configure.
  • Executive Information – Ready and real-time access to KPIs in an easy-to-manipulate graphical format to augment performance-monitoring and decision-making processes.
  • Internet/Intranet – The IBM Power Platform is the ideal application server, already Internet-friendly.

DPS Extend ERP Business Advantages

  • Professional implementation – Implementation is managed by one of our DPS Project Managers at your side throughout the entire project. Detailed project plans are prepared jointly by you and your DPS Project Manager, allowing for both parties to understand all expectations and requirements in order to achieve a successful go-live experience.
  • Proven System Performance – The IBM Power platform has one of the best performance records in the industry.
  • Unsurpassed Security – DPS Extend ERP takes full advantage of all the security features built into the IBM Power platform, including different levels of access. It’s virtually impossible to circumvent the system. Separate security software is not a requirement.
  • One Experienced Source for Training and Support – With DPS, you also get unsurpassed technical, application, and business consulting support from one convenient, knowledgeable source. We’ll train your technical staff and users on the new system and provide ongoing support. DPS on-site staff consists of systems engineers, project managers, business consultants, programmers, and software support analysts, all ready to serve your business areas.
  • DPS SureSource™ Hosting – We’ll implement DPS Extend ERP on your server or host it for you through DPS SureSource™– our Application Service Provider (ASP) program that allows you to access and run DPS Extend ERP over the Internet on a subscription basis.