The Wholesale distribution industry is like any other: it faces operational hurdles. Have you faced challenges such as providing an electronic catalog? These electronic catalogs need to be easy to access for the end-user, whoever they are. They need to include such operations as filtering products, offering shipping and tracking options, all while supplying an efficient and streamlined fulfillment process while being cost efficient. Now is the time for an eCommerce solution to address these hurdles as they become more visible and less likely to be avoided.

 How many of your competitors use the Internet as a sales channel? If you can think of just one you are already giving up a major advantage in your efforts of increasing your sales. Think about your customers, even the loyal ones that may simply look to your competition based on the modern convenience of online shopping. Don’t worry, the idea of taking your business online does not have to be a scary one, and it will most likely lead to cost savings. It also exposes you to more of the market segment regardless of location and time of day. Imagine your store is always open and always able to make a sale; no holidays or sick days.

 The most effective way for a wholesale distributor to sell online is with an eCommerce presence that ties into a solid ERP backend. This integrated virtual storefront solution will allow a clear line of communication with your business’s ERP backend database providing your customer’s real-time availability and pricing. DPS Flash is a fully integrated eCommerce web front for DPS Extend ERP. It provides all the modern conveniences users expect in online shopping while tailoring the experience to fit many business models. 

How DPS Flash can help your businesses distribution

  • Allow links between all business: functions, logistics, and warehousing seamlessly
  • Real time availability of product on hand with up to the second pricing.
  • Many different shipping options for customers to choose from whether it is FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. Cost can be viewable before checkouts. Also live shipment tracking is available.

 An eCommerce solution like DPS Flash is fully tailored to meet your personal businesses’ needs.  With DPS Flash you can open the doors to your virtual store and accept orders anytime of the day while still providing a secure payment process and environment.

 Think back to just five years ago when eCommerce was just getting to smaller users. With its integration, everyone seems to have an online presence and it will only continue to grow. As a wholesale distributor the idea of selling online may seem daunting, but the benefits will outweigh any of your concerns. Provide your customers with an eCommerce solution that gives them what they need and more than they expect.  With DPS Flash customers can expect real-time product availability, something easily navigable, and a solution that provides them with the expected conveniences such as shopping carts and online shopping.

 Don’t let your customers be persuaded to go to your competition with the simple appeal of online shopping. If you don’t want to lose customers, check out DPS Flash eCommerce.

DPS Flash eCommerce: Stay Ahead Of Your Competition