As an SMB, you are always busy, your task list is continuously increasing, you wear countless titles during your day, and you and your staff undoubtedly work tougher and longer days than your bigger competitors, yet you still don’t have enough hours in the day. Although you are being active, is your day consumed with the correct things?

It is one thing to be busy selling, but being diligent with data entry and other paperwork procedures is another. Sure, these things are necessary, however those time consuming undertakings are not what grows your business. As an SMB you probably do not want to hire supplementary staff to assist you in taking care of the routine office work, but what choice do you have when every role is important in a growing company?

DPS Extend ERP can give you the distinct advantage you need to keep up with the bigger competitors. It changes the focus from the routine office task to selling and growing your organization that directly impacts you. You may think you company is just not large enough for ERP, but think again. With an ERP you will work smarter, not harder, and faster than ever – no matter the size of your business.

A study by the Aberdeen Group reported that SMBs who implement ERP saw results such as the following:

  •  22% decrease in operating costs
  • 20% decrease in administrative costs
  • 17% inventory reductions
  • 19% increase in complete and on-time delivery
  • 17% increase in schedule compliance

 How can DPS Extend ERP provide results like that? Incorporating Extend ERP will enable timesavings and will be particularly helpful in scaling back on expenditures through the seamless connection of your most important information systems. By allowing all of that information into one system you no longer need to waste time with overwhelming, aggravating, superfluous date entry, re-entry, and the hazards related to data entry errors. DPS Extend ERP decreases the amount of time with a help desk. It also manages your reporting allowing processes to be completed faster, while cutting down the routine management activities, creates more awareness across your business and improves teamwork and communication among all your employees.

With DPS Extend ERP, you can get back those essential hours for the tasks that truthfully matter to the future growth of your company.

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ERP For SMB: Your Size Isn’t A Limitation, It’s An Opportunity
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