So you’ve been asked to lead a software selection project for your company’s new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. You know of some popular software vendors, but where do you go from here? There are so many pre-packaged ERP applications on the market, it’s difficult to know! Regardless of where you start, there are some very important elements you should look for in this software.

Remember, it’s extremely important to first conduct an analysis to understand your company’s weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities. This way, you’ll learn about potential areas for improvement and know where your new ERP system can fill in the gaps and help address these issues. You can filter your search to ensure your new ERP exceeds your expectations.

How do You Make the Right Choice?

1. Make Sure Your Software Supports Industry-Specific Needs. Your ERP software provider should understand your industry’s needs and meet your unique requirements. Has a similar business in your industry worked with the provider with positive results? Then you’re probably making a good investment! Make sure to ask for referrals from related companies to prove your assumptions are correct.

2. Consider if the ERP Will Support Your Company’s Growth. Finding an agile and widely-accepted ERP platform is integral to your success. A nimble enterprise resource planning product will support a number of features and support your current and growing needs. This is integral as your company matures. In fact, all of your software programs should be flexible enough to grow with your business.

3. Investigate ERP Retailers with Proven Customer Service: Finding a vendor that prioritizes quality customer service will ensure product satisfaction for you and your customer. Search for an ERP solution vendor with proven call centers and support plans that offers a wide range of solution-oriented resources.

ERP is a long-term investment, so choose carefully and take your time. Remember, choosing is only the beginning of a relationship; your partner will continue to provide training and support resources long after your decision and implementation. 

3 Major Elements to Look for in an ERP Solution