Your company’s eCommerce strategy should always be in the heads and the hands of your sales representatives. That’s why DPS created PocketFlash, a self-service B2B software solution created to target your mobile field force, across route sales representatives and remote territory representatives.

Your salespeople know that mobile technologies are growing exponentially, and there are many opportunities to push business applications into new sales territories. But what happens when wireless connectivity is not available? You need timely data and transaction capability, and that real-time information is exactly what PocketFlash offers. And real-time information is exactly what businesses of any size need to succeed.

Typically, companies begin to use PocketFlash by starting with data synchronization, which occurs when data is extracted from the company’s ERP application to populate data files on Sales Representatives’ mobile devices. Information available on these mobile devices includes data surrounding: pricing, customer and product and may be used to support both deliver-later (from the warehouse) and deliver-now (from the truck) scenarios.

PocketFlash is designed to work off-line from your ERP program because it holds transactions for later transmission to ERP applications. Of course, you can also update your information over a cellular connection or modem/docking station. Wireless LAN is also an option for real-time order inquiry and direct access to order detail data and order summary from your ERP application.

Here are some of PocketFlash’s Most Outstanding Features/Benefits:

  • Real-time data from ERP database via supported connections
  • Order entry methods include: manual entry, scan and search
  • Available override Ship-To
  • Authorized shipping methods
  • Prior to Transmission pending orders maintenance and inquiry
  • Provided order detail and summary
  • Data purge
  • Authorized users/password protected
  • Encryption Supported for Data Transmission
  • Cash, Check, Credit Card/On Account Payments
  • Display or Print Cash Reports
  • Account Creation and Address Maintenance
  • Complete Search Capabilities: Description/Product Number/SKU
  • All Customer Orders Displayed, Not Just Handheld Orders
  • Data Synchronization of Customer and Product Availability/Pricing Data
  • Configurable Power User Options for High Volume Entry

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DPS Puts Your eCommerce Strategy into Sales Reps’ Pockets