ZAP Small

It’s tough. You want to get rid of extra manual tasks in your office(s) and warehouse(s) to save your workers’ time and reduce shipping and transaction errors, and you’re also really concerned about streamlining your operations as a whole. How can you do all of these things? A comprehensive radio frequency (RF) and barcode solution can help you achieve these goals.

A wireless, native IBM Power/iSeries barcode solution that streamlines operations across your warehouse and helps reduce costs, this solution provides interactive, real-time tools to help track and perform warehouse activities, such as prioritizing productivity reports and workloads. If you’re looking for a way to streamline your distribution processes as well, it also easily integrates with DPS Extend ERP distribution management system.

So what exactly do we mean by a “comprehensive” solution? The DPS Zap suite of applications includes management for: labeling, receiving, picking, shipping, productivity reporting, inventory movements and adjustments and physical inventory.

DPS Zap™ offers a number of business advantages, including:

  • Proven ROI (typically justified within the first year of implementation)
  • Real-time communications between warehouses and offices
  • Seamless integration with its companion ERP system, along with built-in hooks to integrate with any other ERP system
  • Reduced transportation, shipping and recording errors due to a directed system with verification, resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  • Less paperwork, because all products are tracked using barcodes throughout the entire distribution cycle
  • Reduced training and labor costs, due to the fact that DPS Zap reduced manual data entry functions and increases time spent on more profitable activities, along with a consistent user interface and modular design concept
  • Less product damage because products are move less frequently and more effectively and efficiently using reliable scanning and barcoding technologies
  • Enhances customer relations through customer compliancy labeling, which allows customer customization of product labels

In short, DPS Zap helps distributors effectively manage complex warehouse processes and reduce labor costs with its electronic, paperless system. Modular and intuitive, the software is easy to learn, use and implement across businesses of all sizes.

Streamline Your Warehouse Processes