Here at DPS, we are always striving to innovate. We are excited to announce that we will be rolling out a fully customizable KPI Dashboard for our customers this month. Pursuant to that roll out, a couple of the key developers shared their thoughts about what sets the DPS KPI Dashboard above the competition.

Q: What are KPIs?

A:  KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. A KPI is a “quick view” way to measure a specific business metric. Think of a vehicle’s dashboard, where various dials and lights indicate the status of the vehicle without providing specific reasons. KPIs provide quick information, which can prompt you to delve deeper into a situation before it becomes critical. The idea is that having the information immediately available lets you react quickly to fix problems and take advantage of opportunities.

Q: Who can benefit from KPIs?

A: Generally speaking, KPIs are made accessible to key decision makers and/or managers of an organization. They provide “at a glance” information to the people who need it, which is much more convenient than digging through a report.

 Q: What does DPS offer in the way of KPIs?

A: We have KPIs that address all aspects of wholesale distribution. The KPIs are presented as widgets on a web based dashboard, which can be customized uniquely for each user. Not to mention the dashboard is fully optimized for use with mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.  Currently, we have a number of KPIs available, including:

  1. “Top 10” lists – customer sales
  2. On Time Shipments
  3. Orders Created
  4. Total Order Cycle Time
  5. Order Fill Rates
  6. Returns Analysis
  7. Aged A/R
  8. Aged A/P

Additional KPIs are being designed, as this is an ongoing effort based on customer requests and industry requirements.

 The KPI Dashboard gives accurate information quickly, which saves time when making business decisions – allowing you to move on with your day faster. Mobile accessibility coupled with the option of total customization makes the Dashboard incredibly powerful in a distribution setting.



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What a KPI Dashboard Could Mean to Your Business