zap-web-graphicDPS Zap™ Warehouse Management System provides interactive, real-time tools to help track and perform warehouse activities, such as prioritizing productivity reports and workloads.

Problems related to pick and ship errors, labor, service levels, and inventory can eat away at your profits. Having worked with wholesale distributors since 1972, we understand the challenges you face in warehouse and inventory management. DPS Zap™ can help you effectively manage complex warehouse processes and reduce labor costs with its electronic, paperless system. Modular and intuitive, the software is easy to learn, use and implement across businesses of all sizes.


DPS Zap™ Business Advantages

DPS Zap™ offers a number of business advantages, including:

  • Proven ROI. DPS Zap™ provides dollar-for-dollar justification, potentially paying for itself within the first year of implementation.
  • Improved, Real-Time Communications. DPS Zap™ provides a real-time connection between your warehouses and offices. WMS Floor transactions dynamically update the host ERP system, providing current inventory and order status information to customer service and purchasing personnel.
  • Reduced Labor and Training Costs. DPS Zap™ eliminates many manual data entry functions, so workloads can be shifted to more profitable activities. Its modular design concept and consistent user interface allows new employee training time to be significantly reduced.
  • Reduced Transposition, Recording, and Shipping Errors. A directed system with verification means increased inventory accuracy and less opportunity for errors resulting in misdirected shipments, expensive return processes, and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Less Paperwork. From the time a warehouse receipt is scanned, to the time it is shipped to a customer, products are tracked using barcodes, virtually eliminating paperwork and data entry errors.

Customer Testimonial

After just 9 months we have seen dramatic improvements in workflow, increased accuracy and productivity gains. we’ve seen 50% fewer stock adjustments due to errors or pilferage. We believe that DPS Zap™ provides us better management control, streamlines our daily processes, and has helped us increase our bottom line financial results.

-Rosemarie Ettienne, Finance Manager at Consolidated Foods Ltd.

DPS Zap™’s suite of applications includes:

DPS: Your Proven Partner

A radio frequency and barcode solution is an investment, and choosing is only the beginning of a relationship. If you’re ready to team up with an industry expert with decades of experience, look no further than DPS. Not only do we provide tailored technology in the form of easy-to-use, reliable, well-supported, and cost-effective business software solutions, but we also continue to provide training and support resources long after your eCommerce solution decision and implementation.

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