Introducing DPS Cloud Back-up & Recovery for IBM iSeries

DPS has been providing innovative solutions and technologies for over 47 years and has established itself as the premier provider of software, hardware and support for the IBM i ecosystem.

With our newest partner offering, you get better than tape Cloud back-up and warm site recovery NOW, and for a fraction of the cost of high availability. DPS Back-up and Recovery for IBM iSeries provides flexible recovery point for mitigating data loss and affordable recovery time to reduce the risk of system access – and all in the Cloud.

DPS Back-up & Recovery consists of IBM Power backup services combined with our managed standby computer, storage, and network infrastructure resources. Your vaulted applications, data and user access are quickly and easily restored to standby systems, saving you money, and reducing the recovery time. Our recovery services are backed by a clear and well-defined SLA guaranteeing performance, availability, and access with RPO’s and RTO’s as short as 8 hours.

• Standby Systems – Preconfigured systems capable of running full production workloads in the event of a disaster.
• No Licensing – Reduces cost, we provide temporary OS licensing in the event of system recovery.
• Scalable – Increases performance and capacity on demand, handling possible workload differences from original capacities and additional performance to improve restore time
• RTO Improvements – Backups stored locally in our cloud are quickly restored to the standby systems and available for use in as little as 8 hours.
• Flexible Access Options – Preconfigured VPN, SSL Clients, MPLS and other dedicated circuits available for quick activation eliminating issues with user access.
• Secure Recovery – All standby systems are in their own dedicated network segment allowing strict security policies meeting any client and compliance requirements.
• Guaranteed Performance SLA


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